What does it mean to Forbear Fashion?

By Katina Gad

To forbear fashion means to be patient with the process of design and development, temperate in manufacturing and making, and to approach fashion in a way that empowers individuals and communities, while showing respect for the societies and cultures it touches

About this blog

I began this blog in 2014 as a way to share what I have learned regarding ecological and ethical concerns with the fashion industry. My background ranges from fashion design and merchandising to supply chain management and quality assurance in the textile and apparel industry. It was not clear what direction I would go when I started to speak out against what I have seen and been taught, but it was clear to me that I was not alright with being complacent and compliant in it.

About Unity Outfitters, an ethical-clothing business inspired by this blog

A collection of textile arts, apparel, jewelry, and accessories made in collaboration with international women artisans. Through my art I seek to empower and aid the establishment of woman owned and operated businesses and community based organizations. I work collectively with these artisans to preserve forms of art that are culturally significant and relevant, and I invite my partner artisans to educate people through speaking from their own experience.

Unity Outfitters follows fair trade principles in the work and partnerships with artists from around the world. All of my products are handmade by myself in North Carolina, or sourced directly from partners. In addition to the artisan made raw-materials, some of the materials I use are reclaimed, upcycled, or vintage-refurbished; my goal beyond socially just production is to minimize the environmental impact of the work I create.