Five Free Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas Five Free Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Five Free Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Krista Whittington

Five Free Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas Five Free Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Leslie Knope, Of Parks and Recreation, a girl-power icon, wanted to show her girls that it’s always “ovaries before brovaries,” so she dedicated a special day just for them. Leslie invented Galentine’s Day on this show, and it’s gone from being a made up holiday to actually being a recognized national holiday on February 13. Whether just to celebrate the love of your friends, or to commiserate about being single the day before the official romantic holiday, Galentine's Day is the best day of the year for girlfriends, and to honor your besties. So get ready to celebrate, here are five free Galentine’s Day gift ideas for you and your girls to have a soirée. 

1.) Galentine’s day photo shoot. Take the time to get glammed up. Gather your girls around, play dress, up and do each other’s hair and makeup. Have fun and take vivid pictures of each other and help your sis get that fabulous new profile pic. Remember to take some pictures together too!

2.) Take a long walk with your besties. Get outside and be happy to be alive, laughing and joking, telling stories, and realizing that you do not need anyone to complete you. You are complete and Happy and any man would be honored and privileged to have you.

3.) Draw temporary tattoos on each other. A great way to commemorate you and your bestie’s relationship for a few hours is by drawing matching or complementary tattoos using eyeliner on each other. These can have a a special meaning to you, or be just for fun. Do them somewhere secret or somewhere obvious, wear your heart for your favorite pals, on your sleeve. 

4.) Play games & have a field day. Since women and girls love playing games, anything from sports to video and board games is on the table here. Collectively, you and your girl-gang have the equipment needed, you just need to plan for it, and game on.  

5.) Have a dance party. Invite your gals over and listen to Fantabulous music. Create a dress code requiring everyone to dress up as a favorite female musician, then add songs from all the musicians present for a karaoke dance party play list. Have fun and laugh, get down and feel free, because nobody is judging, in this crowd everyone is loving.  

Happy Galentine's Day to you and yours. Enjoy these free gifts and activities as you gather your girls for Galentine's Day celebrations and never forget that You Are Enough. 

Guest post by Krista Whittington

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