Unity Outfitters is a lingerie brand founded on the belief that what we put on our bodies matters as much as what we put in our bodies. The artisan goods we offer are crafted with love and consideration using natural materials that have been sourced responsibly.

Our mission is to provide sustainable and ethical top quality goods for people who care about our planet and all life on it.

Our History

Katina Gad, has worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, she was handed down the trade of fashion design by her grandmother, a Syrian immigrant who made a living making women’s dresses when their family moved here to flee political persecution. Unity Outfitters began 4 years ago with Katina producing bespoke womenswear in Raleigh, N.C., using naturally dyed fair trade organic cotton fabric that was woven by global women artisans. This new direction is an effort to localize the supply chain and grow as a sustainable business benefiting our direct community.


Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter (Our Launch!)

The pieces that you are seeing sneak peaks of here (or on other social media sites) will be available for pre-order through our crowdfunding campaign to re-launch Unity Outfitters starting October 1, 2018. Through this campaign we hope to raise enough funds to cover not only production, but also to invest in new equipment costs, and to employ and train more single mothers to do our production sewing.


Natural Dyes & All Natural Fabrics and Thread

For our first intimate apparel collection, all of our products have been made using a soy and organic cotton blend fabric. They are being designed and produced, and hand dyed by Katina in Raleigh using natural dyes from plants and food waste.


Reclaimed Materials

Not all garment components are readily available in Natural (non-synthetic) form, this is especially true for bra-making where underwires, elastics, and hooks and eyes are used. While we are searching for and working on developing these options in the most environmentally friendly and natural way possible, we are currently using another option which is the most eco-friendly option possible for us at the moment – using reclaimed and deadstock materials.

Large brands and factories send tons of unused textiles and trims to the landfill or to be incinerated every year, by using these discarded materials, we are utilizing the most sustainable material choice.  These trims and textiles are always in perfect, unused condition, and they would have otherwise been discarded as trash.


Fabric Waste

All of the fabric material waste we produce is re-purposed or recycled, we believe textiles don’t belong in the garbage.